Ryle Competition Week Information Round-Up

Good afternoon, Band Family.  Here is some important information for this week and the competition at Ryle High School on Saturday.  It’s a good idea to review the itinerary announcement several times as the week progresses.  https://henryclayband.files.wordpress.com/2018/09/9-22-18-ryle-contest-itinerary.pdf  There are a lot of details in here, so get ready!

Meal Donations:  Lisa Gray already sent out the link for food donations.  If you haven’t signed up yet, the link is here https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090e4ca4af2aa4fb6-band9.

Chaperones:  Amy Sommer reports that the chaperone spots for this competition are filled.  Chaperones should meet in the hall outside the band room on Saturday no later than 11am.  You might want to bring a camp chair, sunscreen, a hat, portable phone charger and other items that might make your day more comfortable.  Thanks in advance!  Rebecca Scott asks that if you still have your chaperone lanyard from last week, please bring those back with you.

Pit Crew:  Jonathan Livingood asked me to send out the following message.

“This weekend is the Ryle competition. The band kids will need extra help getting their instruments up and down the hill leading to the field. We want them to expend as little energy as possible in the endeavor, so if any parents can spare their time on Saturday to assist the kids getting the pit instrument to and from the field, please indicate by signing up using the signup genius link below. If you can, please sign up for any other weekends you will be available to assist as well. All dates are listed on the signupgenius site. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jonathan Livingood (Jonathan.livingood@fayette.kyschools.us).

We hope to see you at the HC trailer during the competition season!”

Additional Props:  Cameron Beard requests ladders.  We’ll need different sizes of ladders for props in the coming weeks.  The ladders will most likely be painted black, so don’t send very, very nice ladders.  The marchers will climb on the ladders, so they do need to be sturdy.  Ladders will be returned to their owners at the end of the marching season.

Ryle HS Site Information:  This link contains maps and direction.  https://www.ryleband.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/rtob2014-directions-map-new.png

Here is the link to the schedule.  We will put an announcement on the official Henry Clay Band Facebook page once we know what time we play in the evening.  https://www.ryleband.com/ryle-tournament-of-bands/rtob-lineup/

Tickets: $10 for ages 12 and up, or $5 for seniors.  Ages 11 and under are free.  Ryle is usually a hot site, so dress accordingly and be prepared.

Photography:  Parents are welcome to take pictures during the competition, but should be mindful not to block somebody else’s view.  Please make sure you post those pictures to our group flickr page.

Parking:  Unless you are hauling Pit Crew equipment in your vehicle, you must park in general parking and then go find the truck or enter the stadium to watch the shows.  At Ryle general parking is not terribly far from the truck.

Etiquette:  Both students and parents represent Henry Clay HS when we travel for competitions.  The directors and chaperones will help the marchers be courteous and professional.  Parents, I know it goes without saying, but please be mindful that some other kid’s parent from some other school is likely sitting near you.

Spirit Wear:  I’m sorting the second order of spirit wear now.  I will distribute the order on Thursday during/after Pack the Parking Lot under the trees by the band room.  In case of inclement weather, I will be in the hall by the band room.  I’ve submitted the third spirit wear order (the one that closed yesterday) to be filled by the vendor.

Here is a link to the fourth and FINAL spirit wear order form for the 2018 Marching Band season.  https://grouporderform.com/orderforms/50045  If you have trouble placing your order, try clearing your browser history or deleting your temporary internet files. If you don’t know how, ask your kid!  J

The last order form is due absolutely no later than this coming Monday, September 24 by noon.

 Fleeces:  We’ve had a lot of questions about fleeces.  I hope to distribute the fleeces on Friday during pick-up in my usual spot, outside the band room under the trees.  Mary Kitts is embroidering our fleeces this year (freshman parent and owner of K3 Kreations).  If you choose to have your child’s fleece embroidered, please see Mary for that.  The cost is $10, and Mary will donate 30% back to our band program.  There obviously won’t be time to get the embroidery done before Ryle.  Mary is willing to embroider fleeces that have already been worn, if necessary. Her email is mary@k3kreations.com.   If you don’t have the fleece embroidered, please at least write the child’s name and number on the label inside the fleece pocket.  There are hundred of fleeces floating around out there…make sure your fleece can find its way home.

Fleece Q&A: 

Q: I used the online spirit wear form to show what my child’s name and instruments should be.  What happens next?
A:  I am giving Mary that information.  Once you pay her (cash or check, made out of K3 Kreations), Mary will use the information I provided and will return the embroidered fleece to you.

Q: My child is in color guard…do we get a fleece?
A:  Color Guard and Drum Majors all get black matching warm-ups with their names already one them.  If you want a fleece as well, you must order it through the spirit wear order form (see above).

Q:  I didn’t fill out the embroidery form on the spirit wear order.  What should I do?
A:  Mary is going to create a form you can use to clearly print your child’s name and instrument(s) as they should appear on the fleece.  Then your transaction continues as noted above.

Q: My child has a fleece from a previous year but wants to add an instrument.  What should I do?
A:  See Mary for the form and complete the process as noted above.

I’m sorry this communication is so long.  Thanks for your patience!  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Rebecca Scott  HCBB Communications Committee Chair