Bingo Volunteers Still Needed for Sept. 8th

Good Morning Band Families,

Below is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, September 8th. We are still in need of 4-5 additional student volunteers and 2 additional parent volunteers. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are able to work.  Marching band students have a mini camp Saturday afternoon and evening. If you are a non-marcher, please consider volunteering. The success of our program depends greatly on our bingo fundraiser and it is important for us to have sufficient volunteers each week.

Students:  Makyra Ross, Iza Garowski, Kaleigh Kogler, Harrison Greene, Clay Fiscus, Steven T-Castoerna, Shaunte Stone, Eli Wrinn

Parents:  Matthew Walters

Supervisors:  Rebecca Scott, Jenny Minier, Sandra Palmer, Brandie Stanton

Caller: Louis Stepter


Michelle Hash