Photographers for Marching Season

Everyone,  Dan Sirrine, father of senior Abby Sirrine, was one of our official photographers last year. He took some great pictures and posted many of them on Flickr. He’s had questions from new parents in regard to when and where to take pictures and how to share them. Since some of you have great camera equipment we thought it might be nice to coordinate who will record different competitions so we can have one good recording and everyone else can enjoy the show. Dan will lead a meeting of any interested parents this Thursday, at 5:00 pm, at the lot where the kids rehearse (right side of the building, close to the softball field). We’ll meet at the corner of the parking lot that is the first corner you come to when you drive down the hill toward the softball field. (It’s better if you park on that hill. If you drive past the cones, it can become difficult to turn around.) Everyone is welcome to come; the focus will be those who want to share their photography skills with the group via photos and videos.

Sandra Palmer  Band Booster President