Marching Band First Aid Sign-ups

Thanks to freshman parent Kim Thompson for coordinating our first-aid volunteers for band camp. Please see her note below:

Dear Marching Band Families:

Please help us provide basic first aid help for our kids during the 3 weeks of Band Camp. You do not need to have medical experience – having been a parent is quite enough! The kids’ needs are usually cuts, blisters, sunburns, over-heating….. 

I am told that for the past 3 years no one has passed out – BUT – with the heat and intensity of camp it is a possibility, so we need to have responsible adults on hand to help when it appears someone is becoming faint or near exhaustion! (You will need to get the student out of the sun, provide help with with cooling off, elevating the feet, and re-hydration, etc.)

You may also need to help with blisters, sunburn, bug bites, splinters, aches and minor sprains.

Please volunteer for one or more shifts – you can share with a friend if you need to! The shifts are from 8-12, 1-5 and 6:30-9 (the first week only).

Here’s what you need to bring for each shift:

  • a chair and something to do for yourself
  • a spare bottle or 2 of Gatorade and water (to help keep our small stash of emergency rehydration stocked)
  • a bag of ice for the cooler (for keeping the cooling towels, ice packs, and a few other choice supplies cool – please keep the ice in the bag so that it stays clean for drinks if needed)

All other needed supplies will be stocked and ready for your use each day. The kit and cooler will be in the “Hospitality Closet” of the Band Room and you will get them out and return them at the start and end of each shift. (The last volunteer of the day empties the cooler and send the towels home with my son for washing!) Feel free to donate anything you think has been overlooked or shoot me a text or email about any concerns/questions: Kim @ 310-210-7636 or I will contact you before your shift(s) to go over details!


Thanks in advance for you help!

Band Camp First Aid Volunteers