Summer Instrument Rentals

Good Morning Blue Devil Band Family,

I am working on Summer instrumentals! Please contact me if you haven’t  already.  Please look at the schedule information below. It has changed a little. I had an incorrect date on one and a conflict on another.

Summer Instrument Rentals

  1.     Cost is $25 per instrument and covers June 2nd-August 10th.
  2.     Rentals will not be given out without the rental agreements returned and payment.
  3.     Please contact me with the name of the student and instrument(s) needed ahead of time so I can have a rental agreement prepared.
  4.     I will check out summer rentals on:
    • June 2nd ( for marchers)
    • June 5th from 9-12
    • If you need a different time, contact me directly to set up a time.
  1. All Current Rentals are due back by June 2nd at Noon if not renting through the summer. If renting in the summer just return the agreements and payment before June 3rd.


Jeff Bayerle