2018-19 HC Band Audition Results

Dear Band Family,

Please see the attached 2018-19 HC Band Audition class placements.  A HUGE “thank you” to all of the students for their preparation in this process! As with recent years, the audition this year was extremely competitive and there were many quality and skilled auditions making all placement decisions very difficult and in some cases, the outcome was very close.  This is one of the more difficult areas of our job as there are many quality musicians in our program and limited instrumentation in each ensemble.  I have always approached and run auditions in the most consistent manner possible.  The most consistent manner to eliminate bias is to judge all areas of the audition through a score (based upon tone, technique, note/rhythm accuracy, musicality, etc.), not factoring in seniority, how much I appreciate a student’s work, etc.  With limited instrumentation in each class, we did our best to fill the necessary sections and provide balance to each ensemble.

2018-19 HC Band Results

Thank you for your understanding, time, and effort!  We are looking forward to an exciting 2018-19 school year!


Bill Kite

Director of Bands

Henry Clay High School