All-District Audition Results!!!

Good Afternoon,

Congratulations to all the student who auditioned last night at GRC for the All-District Bands! There were a lot of great auditions and we are proud of every student who put forth the effort and time to prepare for this audition. Below are the results:

Concert/Symphonic Results

Katie Demos – Symphonic Band 3rd Flute

Julia D’Orazio-Symphonic Band 8th Flute

Angelica Malksowsi – Concert Band 1st Oboe

Alexis Smith – Concert Band 1st Bassoon

Chris Lucero – Concert Band 2nd Bassoon

Julia Hickey – Symphonic Band 8th Clarinet

Malorie Hall –Symphonic Band 10th Clarinet

Makyra Ross – Concert Band 2nd Clarinet

Abby Sirrine – Concert Band 3rd Clarinet

Haiden Moore – Concert Band 6th Clarinet

Sophia Wiatrowski – Concert Band 10th Clarinet

Sarah Palmer – Concert Band 16th Clarinet

Sam Ederington – Concert Band 17th Clarinet

Ian Jicha – Concert Band 3rd Chair

Tristan Taylor- Symphonic Band 2nd Tenor Sax

Grant Dolan – Concert Band 2nd Tenor Sax

Clifton Grady – Symphonic Band 1st Trumpet

Reagan Cox – Symphonic Band 5th Trumpet

Veda Moore – Symphonic Band 8th Trumpet

Elisha VanZant – Concert Band 1st Trumpet

Jonathan Quevedo – Concert Band 7th Trumpet

Ethan Scott – Concert Band 14th Trumpet

Elijah Pike – Concert Band 2nd French Horn

Cole Privott – Symphonic Band 4th Trombone

Christian Hash- Symphonic Band 6th Trombone

Braeden Young – Symphonic Band 1st Bass Trombone

Dallas Care – Concert Band 2nd Tuba

Ryan Slayton – Symphonic Band 1st Snare

Josh Slayton – Symphonic Band 2nd Snare

Trip Church – Symphonic Band 3rd Snare

Andrew Rogers – Concert Band 1st Timpani


All Sate Jazz Results:

Tristan Taylor – Jazz 1- 1st Tenor Sax

Reagan Cox – Jazz 1 – 2nd Trumpet

Clifton Grady – Jazz 1- 3rd Trumpet

Veda Moore – Jazz 1- 4th Trumpet

Elisha VanZant  – Jazz 1- 5th Trumpet

Braeden Young –Jazz 1 -1st Bass Trombone

James Gooding – Jazz 1 -1st Drums

Trip Church – Jazz 1 – 2nd Drums

Grant Dolan – Jazz 2 -1st Tenor

Ally Tripure – Jazz 2 – 2nd Trumpet

Christian Hash – Jazz 2 -Trombone 2

Cole Privott – Jazz 2 Trombone 4

Chris Lucero- Jazz 2 Vibes