Stadium Seatback Removal – Friendly Reminder ..

Friendly Reminder: TOMORROWSaturday, December 9, is the day for the Stadium Setback Removal at Kroger Field. All band students are required to participate in this event.
If you have not already, please sign up for a 3 hour shift. Remember to dress warmly, and to eat a meal before you come. We will have an inside space for hospitality, so there will be chances to take a few minutes to warm up while grabbing a snack or water, but we need to stay warm while working outside.
Also, please remember to bring tools (9/16 socket wrench / drill, Vise grips), and to label them clearly, to make sure they find their way back home.
Again, please click links below for additional information.
Thanks! See you Saturday!  Michelle and Drew Slayton  Jennifer Barricklow and  Tim Sorenson  Stadium Seat Fundraiser Coordinators