Wind Ensemble Picture for KMEA Program TOMORROW 3:30 PM

Dear Wind Ensemble Family, Just a reminder, we are doing our formal picture for our KMEA conference program TOMORROW Tues. November 28th at 3:30 PM just before rehearsal at 4 PM. All wind ensemble members should bring their formal concert attire to school (full tuxedo, black dress, black socks/shoes) and change immediately after school for the picture.

Also to remind all wind players in 4th hour class, all 5 recordings (3 for Colas Breugnon, 2 for Illyrian Dances) are DUE by Fri. December 8th. All makeup assignments or retakes are also DUE by Fri. December 8th.

The final exam for the semester is on Friday, Dec. 15th at 1:10 PM.

Thanks to all for your work! We are looking forward to some great upcoming performances!

Sincerely,  Bill Kite  Director of Bands  Henry Clay High School