Pit Crew Thurs, Fri, Sat

Marching Parents, As our last competition for the year quickly approached I wanted to say an very appreciative “Thank You” to everyone (especially our Senior Parents who will be missed) who has helped to make this another successful and amazing year. Our children have really came through this year with doing the best we’ve ever done on a national stage in Dayton this year in history of the band program as well as being right on the heels of the two top bands in the state.  This year has been a record breaking year for our band program and I am truly honored and blessed to say that I am a part of such an amazing group of people and I’m sad to see it come to an end once again.  So once again I say “THANK YOU” to our parents and to the directors and staff for believing in our children and showing them they can accomplish anything if they believe in themselves and for making this the best year ever.  For this week the schedule is as follows:
Thursday night: After pack the parking lot I will need a small group of parents (Not Senior Parents) to help and load the trailer for the middle school tour on Friday.
Friday for the Middle Schools: I need parents (all parents are welcome) to help load and unload the trailer at the middle schools this Friday, see itinerary for times and try to be at each site 5-10 mins. before the busses.
Friday night: During the first half of the football game I need about 6-8 people (it is senior night so if underclassman parents could help please come so the senior parents don’t have to) to help load the box truck since the band will not use the props for their short rehearsal Saturday morning.
Saturday morning: I need everyone at the school by 9:00 to get the uniform and hospitality carts out of the band room and down to the trailer. Then by that time they should be done and we can load the trailer.  I would like to have both trucks on the road 20-30 minutes before the band loads the busses so we are not rushed for time when we get to Papa John’s stadium since this will be one of the longest distances we will have to travel to get to the field with the equipment this year.
Underclassman parents: In thinking of our senior parents, I would like to solicit your help for Saturday.  Most of our senior parents have helped me before, during and after every competition over the past 4 years and have not yet been able to watch a single performance from the stands as a spectator. Since this is their child’s final day of competition at the high school level, I am asking for you this one time,  make their final competition day a special one and let them have their day in the stands. This is me wanting to do a little something for them since they’ve done so much for me and your children over the years. So please, step up this one time and lets show our senior parents that we as a family care about them and let them have their day.  I will be at the band trailer Thursday night and also Friday if anyone has any questions.
Thanks,  Cameron Beard,  859-514-3453  cwbeard@ballhomes.com