Pit Crew Schedule

Dear Marching Band Family,
This weekend is the State Quarterfinal Performance at Tates Creek and since there is only one performance this weekend we are going to get the box truck over to the stadium early that day so we can unload, props assembled and staged before the competition starts Saturday afternoon. I will need 10 parents as a crew for the box truck and about 10-15 parents as a crew for the trailer. The crew that will be with the box truck should be the people that handles the props on that truck. The only issue I foresee is the podiums, they will be on the trailer so I will need those parents to be with the trailer to take them down to the staging area as soon as they are unloaded. Tonight the band is rehearsing until 7:15 so I will need everyone who can help this weekend to be at the trailer by 6:30 just so I can see how many people will be helping Saturday and to work out a few logistical items.

Saturday morning:

8:15 to 8:30 — I will need a few parents down at the trailer to help get the props to the football field and to unload the hospitality carts and any extras that we don’t need that day.

10:45 to 11:00 — be back at the school to breakdown the props and load the box truck.

12:00 — trailer should be over by the portables and we will start loading when the band is finished. The hospitality carts and uniform carts will not be going with us this trip and will be left in the band room so we should be loaded a little quicker this weekend.

12:30 the box truck will head onto Tates Creek and will be unloaded at the back entrance to the football field where the props will be assembled and staged in the back lot. Once the trailer is loaded it will be leaving not too far behind the box truck.

Thank you,

Cameron Beard

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