Dayton BOA Equipment Sign Up

Dear Band Family, Our BOA trip is steadily approaching and will be here before we know it.  I am needing know the number of parents who would be available to help with the equipment and props for that weekend.  The BOA competition is a little different from the state competitions in the fact there are time limits for setting up and breaking down the field are different and we are needing extra help due to the extremely large number of props this year. There are penalties for not being able to set up the field and break it down in the times allotted, the entire process goes towards the bands score not just the performance itself.  I have created a sign up list for the BOA competition due to the limited number of field passes we currently have, the list will let me know exactly how many people are planning on being there so it will give us time to purchase additional field passes if needed. Click the link below to sign up.
Cameron Beard  Equipment Chair  859-229-6380