Dear MB Parents,

I hope all are well!  We REALLY need 6-8 more parents to work on the pit crew this marching season.  This is a massive production requiring a high degree of coordination and “man power.”  It truly is a team effort.  In order for the band to be successful, we’ll need more volunteer help in the early morning for set up and especially late at night when we return home so the current pit crew won’t have to stay for 3 additional hours and has the energy to finish these long days.  Also at competition sites, please lend a hand in any way possible.  The old saying goes “many hands make light work.”  This past Saturday, we had chaperones, hospitality, and others doing double duty and leaving the band and their own crews to go help the pit crew.  With some additional volunteers, we will be in great shape!

If you can help, please send me your name and I’d be glad to add you to the list.

This Saturday 9/23, we need ALL parent/pit crew help at the truck by 7:30 AM to help Cameron setup the equipment.  We will need at least 10 extra hands that night around 12 AM when we return.  It would help us tremendously if the parents of the students who are on the list to stay and unload the truck would help when they come to HC to pick up their children.

Thanks for your support and effort!  We have a great opportunity and our kids our doing a fantastic job on this production!  It truly “takes a village” and it is an honor working with this band family!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School