Reminders and Announcements

Hello, Band Family.  As a reminder, all marchers are required to be at the stadium seating installation Wednesday, September 6 (today).  Please be there at 6:00 unless you signed up for the earlier shift.  Contact Jennifer Barricklow with questions.

The Cookie Dough, Cheese, Sausage, and Candles fundraiser ends today.  Please make sure those order forms get turned in today.  Contact Debbie Stepter with questions.

We still need some volunteers for bingo on Saturday, especially non-marchers.  Please let Michelle Hash know if you can work.

Thursday (tomorrow) brings another Pack the Parking Lot!  Come on out and support the kids.

Spirit Wear from the second order will be available for pick-up during the last half hour of rehearsal tomorrow at the bottom of the stairs to the lot.  If you missed the previous three orders, here is your last chance to put in an order until after the end of the marching season, so get it while you can!

Car magnets will be available for purchase at Pack the Parking Lot.  This year’s “Up in the Air” show magnets are $5, the Henry Clay Band magnets are $5, and last year’s show magnets are $1.  As always, exact change is appreciated.  Contact Rebecca Scott with questions about spirit wear or magnets.

Marchers will receive their Show Shirts after marching band rehearsal on Friday.

Rebecca Scott
Communications Chair