Stadium Seatback Installation

Dear HC Band students and families,
Today is the stadium seatback installation at Kroger Field, our second-biggest fundraiser for the band.
Please remember the following:
– Wear proper footwear: no sandals or open-toed shoes
– Bring tools: 9/16” socket (hand or cordless drill-mount) or wrench, labeled so you don’t lose them
– Eat a meal before your shift; water and snacks will be provided
– Meet at Gate 1 and park in the Green Lot (click link below for diagram)
Friday, August 18
Shift A: 5-8 pm
Shift B: 6-9 pm
Shift C: 7-10 pm
If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Barricklow (, 940-9154).
See you all soon!
Jennifer Barricklow and Tim Sorenson, Stadium Seatback Fundraiser Coordinators