Camp News and Reminders!

Dear Marching Band Family,

We are off to a GREAT start to camp!  The staff and I are very impressed with the students’ work ethic and are thrilled with the progress after only 2 days!  The group has tremendous spirit and energy!  We’re excited to put together the performance for you at the parent preview show at the end of camp on Friday, August 11th!

Just a few quick reminders…if in a rare circumstance a student has to miss rehearsal, Mr. Bayerle and I must get notification from a parent (or doctor) in writing via paper note, rehearsal excuse form (on the website), or email.  There is no way for us to document and be responsible for a group of this size with students verbally telling us here and there they need to miss certain portions of rehearsal.  That leads to a chaotic and unorganized atmosphere that ultimately breaks down our process and negatively impacts the group as a whole.

If there is an emergency, you may call or text me at (859) 338-5692.  Please be sure to let me know who you are in case I don’t have your number.

Also, every student in the marching band is enrolled in an advanced credit marching band class at Henry Clay High School.  Since it is an academic class that is considered “co-curricular,” I must assign a grade for every rehearsal including each day of our 3 week camp.

If a student is forced to miss, they MUST see us for a make up assignment to earn credit for that rehearsal.

Thanks again for your support and effort!  It is exciting to see the leadership and character already displayed by the winds, percussion, and guard!

Feel free to drop by any rehearsal to check out the students’ work!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School