Lab Band Google Classroom

Dear Lab Band Family, I hope everyone is doing well!  I wanted to touch base and pass along some info about upcoming assignments for Lab Band.  We will be using Google Classroom this semester and Smart Music.  Students should follow the below instructions:

  • Go to on the internet
  • Log into Google Classroom using their school email account and password
  • Click Add Class
  • Enter cetoftas the code to join the Lab Band class
  • Once enrolled, students may sumbit listening assignments, make videos or recordings(when assigned) and submit them under the assignments listed in Google Classroom
  • Students may download the free Google Classroom app and take videos or recordings on their phone or they may use a computer if they do not have a smart phone
  • For questions, please feel free to contact me
  • Students should see the schedule of due dates for assignments on the handout from class or on the list in Google Classroom

We are looking forward to an exciting semester of preparation and performances! Thanks to all for your work and effort!  Sincerely,  Jeff Bayerle