SMBC Final Thoughts

Dear MB Family,  What a journey! It’s always difficult to wrap up the year, but I can describe this group and season in one word…FUN! Our incredible season ended at Papa John’s Stadium on Saturday with a run that had an energy that ripped through the audience like a bolt of electricity!

We finished in 7th place with a score of 82.7 including the highest score in Music Effect among the state’s best completing HC’s best finish ever in Class 5A! In the words of the Music Effect adjudicator, “This band has a LIFE affirming feel to it!” Well, I’d say the show’s “Eternal” mission was accomplished as the students dramatically impacted their audience, the panel, and all of the rest of us just as they had done all season! This band never stopped pushing, working, and keeping the best attitude they could possess! They were a joy to work with daily and their mark will never be forgotten moving forward! These students deserve tremendous credit for their work and character in the process!

Special thanks to the best and most dedicated staff and design team we could ever possibly dream of working with together as a family! Jeff Bayerle and I are “eternally” grateful for our daily colleague, Justin Fisher, for his masterful teaching and his daily model for students as a wonderful human being who embodies all of the best character traits! To Ty Saylors, Turner Hawkins, Elizabeth Bean, Sean Hahn, Jared Sipple, Jordan Lalama, Ralph Stewart, Craig Fitzpatrick, CJ McCrory, and DiaShamar Marshall, THANK you from the bottom of our hearts for your care, passion, work ethic, and belief in this group and program! It truly takes a “village” and your role in the family continues to help change our culture and shape our vision of the future!

In addition to our astonishing students and staff, the HCMB has a strong network of dedicated and selfless parents who are able to “move mountains” and accomplish anything asked of them! To Pit Crew, Hospitality Crew, Uniform Team, Chaperones, Booster Officers, Spirit Crew, all of the HC band families and friends who come week in and week out to support the band, the students and staff and I can’t say THANK you enough for your sacrifice in providing physical, emotional, and financial support for the program! The program couldn’t operate without the FAMILY all working together!

I hope everyone can take some time to appreciate and enjoy the success this year and for those returning, stay humble and hungry to continue chasing perfection while attaining excellence along the way!

We have an exciting concert, jazz, and percussion season ahead with many more amazing performances in store! Please stay active and continue to work to make the rest of this year the best complete and total year in HC history!

Thanks to all for your continued love and support!

Sincerely,  Bill Kite  Director of Bands  Henry Clay High School