Butler Recap and We’re On To BOA

Dear Band Family,

What a thrilling experience over the weekend!  To recap the events of the contest on Saturday, the band finished preliminary competition with a narrow lead overall with a good performance battling the elements and new environment.  The band absolutely stole the moment and show in the evening finals with an amazing performance!  HC ended up winning all music and visual captions and finishing with a score of 83.3 and was named Grand Champion!

The students worked very hard over the fall break and deserve tremendous credit!  I can’t describe how proud I am of the work, professionalism, and character shown by our students on Saturday.  This is a special group and it begins with their love and respect for one another and their commitment to excellence!

I have the same sentiments when it comes to our parents for the effort in working hospitality, pit crew, uniforms, chaperoning, etc.  The band family wouldn’t be able to gain this kind of experience without the whole “family” working together!  Thanks to all those who traveled to Louisville to support our Blue Devil Band!  The crowd reaction all day was amazing and it was a special time witnessing true joy during and after the encore performance!

As enjoyable as Saturday was, we move into the final 3 weeks of the season and face significant challenges ahead!  We are off to a Bands of America national show in Winston-Salem, North Carolina at Wake Forest University this weekend!  This show will feature 30 of the best bands from the southeast region of the country!  It will take our best effort to be named a finalist at this show as the field is stacked with several groups in the top 30 in the entire country!

After this weekend, we move directly into the elimination rounds of the KMEA State Marching Band Championship with Quarterfinals on Saturday, Oct. 22nd at Bryan Station HS!

Please see the attached BOA itinerary again for this weekend and note the rehearsal schedule for the week:

Mon. (today) 10/10
Off day

Tues. 10/11
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Wed. 10/12
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Thurs. 10/13
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:15 PM.  PACK the Parking Lot and send us off to BOA!

Fri. 10/14 through Sun. 10/16
BOA North Carolina trip … see itinerary for details and carefully prepare

The students have been sending great quotes and I received some interesting thoughts yesterday and this morning!

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – A. Rand

“Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.” – B. Asuncion

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.” – T. Roosevelt

Thanks to you all for your support and effort in this process!  Let’s have a great final 3 weeks of the season!



URL for BOA Itinerary: https://henryclayband.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/boa-north-carolina-itinerary-1014-16.pdf