Volunteers for Remaining Fall Schedule

Good Morning!

I wanted to send out a reminder of our fall Bingo Schedule.  We still have several spots we need to fill.  If you are a non-marcher, please consider signing up to help fill spots as most of the open spots we need to fill are during marching band competitions.  It is imperative that we have enough volunteers to be able to run a successful bingo program.  I have also attached a revised listing of student volunteers for the remainder of our fall schedule.

Oct 8th – We are in need of 7 additional student volunteers and 2 parent volunteers

Oct 15th – We are in need of 8-9 additional student volunteers

Oct 22nd – We are in need of 4-5 additional student volunteers

Oct 29th – We are in need of 7-8 additional student volunteers and 1 parent volunteers

Nov 5th – We are in need of 1-2 additional parent volunteers

Nov 12th – We are full!  THANK YOU!

Nov 19th – We are full!  THANK YOU!

Nov 26th – We are in need of 2-3 additional parent volunteers.

Michelle Hash

URL for revised fall bingo schedule: https://henryclayband.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/revised-fall-bingo-schedule.pdf