Pit Crew Schedule

Pit Crew:

I am glad to say that our band trailer is scheduled to be completed this afternoon and will be returning to the school later this evening. Below is the schedule for the next (3) days for the people who are planning on being a part of the pit crew this year.

Thursday Night:

I will be starting to clean up and organize the trailer to get it ready for this weekend and I would like for all pit crew parents to meet at the trailer tomorrow afternoon so we can hopefully get it done before the “Pack the Parking Lot” performance tomorrow night.  If we don’t get it done tomorrow night then we will try to finish it during the 1st two quarters of the football game Friday night.

Friday Night:

All pit crew members will need to try to be at the school as early as possible to help move the equipment and ladders down to the football field for the performance at half time.  This performance is done in the same manner as a contest performance.  If you are able to attend please do since it will be a good experience and will allow me to see where I can place people for contest days.

Saturday (1st Contest Day):

For those who are able be down at the trailer around 7:30 to 7:40 to help move the equipment and props from the trailer down to football field for the band’s morning rehearsal.  All pit crew parents that will be at the competition are to be at the school around 10-15 minutes before rehearsal is over (Check Itinerary from Mr. Kite) to help get the equipment to the trailer and to help break down the pit instruments and load the trailer.  It is important that the trailer gets loaded and moving at least 5-10 minutes before the band is ready to leave the school so we can have it unloaded by the time the buses get to the competition site for the contest.

I would like to also say thank you to all for taking the time out of you schedules to help make this year a wonderful experience for all.

Thank you,
Cameron Beard