Make up Assignments for Marching Band

Dear Marching Band Family,  As we announced at the end of camp and have been discussing, there are make up assignments for missed marching band rehearsals throughout the season.  These make up assignments are for “excused” absences (illness, family emergency, etc.) since we don’t allow “unexcused” absences of any kind.  As with any class during the school day, there are a variety of concepts and significant material covered each and every marching band rehearsal.  The make up assignments will allow those students to replace the daily grade that is missing and attempt to get them caught up to the level of the rest of the band.  Please understand that the make up assignments for excused absences help the students missing, but we can never truly replace what is lost in rehearsal time for those students or the impact it has on students around the missing student in the drill.  The excused absence should be a last resort throughout our 3 1/2 month season.

If a student is absent, they should see a director upon their return to get the assignment.  See make up assignment schedule below.

1st excused absence: Students must complete the Marching Band Make Up Packet
2nd excused absence: Students must submit video of themselves marking time and performing all of the show.
3rd excused absence: Students must submit video of themselves marching and playing their show set to set.

Per our own Attendance Policy that families completed and signed, we don’t allow more than 3 excused absences.  In the event of an emergency, additional absences would be made up using the assignment for the 3rd absence description.

Currently, we have more than 20 students who owe a make up assignment.  Please understand that students are not eligible to march in aSaturday contest without completing the make up work.

Sincerely,  Bill Kite Director of Bands  Henry Clay High School