Contest Day Expectations and Uniform Procedures

Dear MB Family,

I have attached the Competition Day Expectations and Uniform Procedures.  We will cover these with the MB students over the next 2 weeks before our 1st competition at Lafayette HS on Sept. 17th, but wanted each and every family to be able to review our procedures so they are aware of how the group will operate.

Families, please note that contest days are ALL day commitments requiring a great deal of time and energy.  Please understand that students travel and remain with the band family for the entire day.  Students should not wander off at the contest site to visit with relatives, etc.  There will be time to see extended family, however, the band is there to focus on performance and we must ensure smooth operation and order.

Also, please note that Mr. Bayerle and I will be keeping close observation on student preparation and attendance in each rehearsal as we approach our first public performances.  We obviously will not put students who have missed too many rehearsals or are unprepared in a position where it will have a detrimental impact on the rest of the band.  The safety and well being of the band family and group as a whole is our top priority.

Thanks for your effort and time!  We have an exciting few weeks ahead of us!


Bill Kite
Director of Bands
Henry Clay High School


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