concert wear–Returning students please check your fit!

I hope everyone has had a smooth start to the school year!  It’s time to start measuring for concert wear! I will be measuring students this Tuesday (August 30th) during their regular class time.

For those who are new to the HC band program, you will be assigned concert wear to wear for performances with the HC band (dress for girls, tuxedo for boys).   We have several sizes in stock for students to try on, and after I am able to figure out what we need, I will place an order to cover items we need.  The first concert isn’t until November, but you will likely get your concert wear by October.  Please make every effort to be in class this Tuesday🙂

For returning students:  PLEASE try on your concert wear before Tuesday to see if it still fits.  If it does not, you will need to be measured for replacement pieces (For instance, if your shirt still fits, but the pants don’t, we will only need to replace your pants).  You will need to bring back the pieces that don’t fit, but please make sure they are dry cleaned first (they don’t have to be in before Tuesday).  If you turn them in without getting them cleaned, they will be given back to you. **NOTE: if your pants are too short but still fit your waist, you need to get the hem let out, you do NOT need another pair of pants.**

Please do not wait until October or November to try the pieces on, because I may not have the size you need and I won’t be able to order them at that time to arrive on time. This happens every year, and if I’m out of your size, you have to wear something that doesn’t fit.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 859-266-0004 or by replying to this email.  Thanks,  Kimberly Collins  Uniform and Concert Wear chair