Bingo Volunteers Saturday Aug 27th and Fall Sign Ups

Good Afternoon,  Here is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, August 27, 2016.

We still need 2-3 more student volunteers and 1-2 more parent volunteers.

Students:  Noah Beckett, Maria Wright, Lily Kaufman, Angelica Davie, Anaya Smith, Michael Lanham, Andrew Lanham, Olivia Jennings, Kyle Stepter, Tyler Rosenkrantz, Maddi Rosenkrantz

 Parents:  Angela Davie

Supervisors/Assistants:  Brian & Jill Rosenkrantz, Debbie Stepter, Dee Dee Lanham, Hope Lanham

Caller: Louis Stepter

I will be posting a bingo sign up sheet in the band room for the fall in the next few days.  Each student needs to sign up for two sessions.  Please make sure to let your student know if there will be any scheduling conflicts before they sign up as this is the marching band’s busy season and we will need to rely on a lot of non-marchers to help out, especially during this time.  If you prefer to email me when your student and/or you can work, please feel free to do so, and I will be happy to update the list for you.

Thanks!  Michelle Hash