Update: Bingo Volunteers for Saturday August 13th

Good afternoon,

*** Our Bingo hours have officially changed to start at 5:00 pm now.  We no longer have to be there at 4:00***

Here is the bingo volunteer list for Saturday, August 13, 2016.

Students:  Sarah Palmer, Maria Wright, Amber Robb, Sheridan Wagner, Luke Cave, Julia Hickey, Conner Rice, Maddy Cohen, Erica Currier, Elizabeth Piper, Chris Lucero, Lily Kaufman, Robert Baker, Hosanna Hunt, Trinity Robinson

Parents:  Chris Hickey, Patty Rice, Susan Cohen, Eric Currier

Supervisors/Assistants:  Mike Jones, Melba Guerrero, Lisa Wright, Sandra Palmer
Caller: Tim Sorenson

Thanks!  Michelle Hash  4hashs@gmail.com