Reminders for Tonight!

Good morning, Marching Band Parents,

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight to see the results of all the hard work of the last three weeks of camp.   We’re so proud of these marching band kids.

We’ll probably let the kids out a few minutes before 6 so we can get ready to eat – we’d like to get started on the picnic a little earlier than 6:30pm if we can get everything set up.  If you can come and set your food out at 6, that would be great! If not, we’ll see you as soon as you can be there and there will be room on the table.

Remember to bring a main dish AND a side/or dessert, to share.  And bring your own drinks.  We’ll eat in the cafeteria.

The students will be wearing their Henry Clay Band shirt and black shorts during their performance tonight. Remember they should wear/bring swimwear and bring towels, etc., tonight to the pool party 9-11pm at Hartland pool.

Brian Rosenkrantz
HC Band Booster President