Need Student Volunteers for Bingo Saturday, August 6th

Good Afternoon,  I have received little response for additional student volunteers for this Saturday.  Please consider volunteering if you haven’t already as it is imperative for us to have enough volunteers for Bingo to be successful.  Please let me know if you are able to work as soon as possible. I am still looking for at least 5-6 student volunteers.

Current list for Saturday, August 6thStudents:  Stormie Praria, Danielle Wada, Mary Clare Carr, Michael Cheney, Samary Farraj, Rebekah Collins, Joy Criscillis, Erica Currier

Parents:  Shannon Praria, Brandy Criscillis, Scott Criscillis

Supervisors/Assistants:  Kimberly Collins, HK Kingkade, Betty Kingkade, Kim Newton, Sandra Palmer

Caller: Thomas Bensberg

Thanks!  Michelle Hash