Raffle info!!

Dear Marching Band Family,         As you know or should know, your students came home with Spilt the Pot Raffle Tickets. This is a Fundraiser that could bring in up to $4,000 to be split with the winner. Giving us and them $2,000 each. We are asking each student to sell a book of 5. If you need more I can send more home with your student.
Please help us make this a successful fundraiser.

1) Tickets are $5.00,
2) Please print name, address and phone number in ink.
3) Give the the customer the end with the HC logo at perforated edge.
4) Tickets stubs (the stapled end) are due back Friday August 5th. By 3:00pm.
6) Cash only (if you have taken a check please send in on Tuesday with ticket stubs)

If you have any questions please email, text or call Debbie Stepter at
stepter4@live.com or 859-576-6821.

Thank You for Supporting Our Marching Band Program

Debbie Stepter  Ways and Means Chair