first aid band camp

Thanks to you all who have signed up! Please get the cooler and first aid kit from the front of the band room.  There will be a small bag of ice in the freezer in the hospitality closet (get the keys from Justin or Mr. Kite).  There are also some white and purple ice packs in the freezer.  Put those in the cooler along with the ice.  Don’t empty the bag of ice into the cooler.

Take the cooler and first aid kit down to the practice field.  You can sit wherever you like.  Just bring a chair and a book to read!

Please look through the first aid kit so you will know what’s in it.  There are zip loc bags for ice packs.  Cooling towels.  Someone asked for Pepto Bismol, so that is in there as well.

If you take any good pictures, please text them to me and we will get them on the facebook page.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to text/call me – 859-351-4007.

July 25              8 – 12       Michelle Moseley    1 – 6         Sarah Abbey
July 26              8 – 12       Rhonda Cole       1 – 6         Lisa Wright
July 27              8 – 12       Amy Kennedy     1 – 6         Melody Roberts
July 28              8 – 12       Lolita Brown  1 – 6         Angela Holt
July 29              8 – 12       Donna Cox    1 – 6         Louis Stepter

Michelle – I am bringing a small bag of ice and the zip loc bags and Pepto tomorrow morning.  If I haven’t gotten there when you get there, I’ll bring the stuff down to the practice field.

Also, the 1 – 6 people signed up for 1 – 5…….  My fault……  If you can’t stay from 5:00 – 6:00, please let me know and I’ll get that covered for you.   Thanks!!  Melissa