first aid during band camp

Good morning! I have the first week of first aid for band camp covered.  Thanks to Amy Sommer, Amy Smith, Patsy Carruthers, Vonda Melton, Amy Kennedy, Debbie Stepter, Melba Guerrero, Amy Jennings, Angela Davie, Donna Cox and Louis Stepter.

I still need volunteers these dates and times:
July 25            8-12    and    1-5
July 26            8-12
July 27            8-12    and    1-5
July 28            8-12    and    1-5
Aug 1              8-12    and    1-5
Aug 2              8-12    and    1-5
Aug 3              8-12
Aug 4              1-5

Please let me know ASAP if you can help.  Thanks to Lisa Wright, Polly Fields and Joyce Triantafilou, Debbie and Louis Stepter and Donna Cox for signing up for the 2nd and 3rd weeks as well.  Melissa Jones