Pops Concert Rehearsals next week!

Dear Band Family,  I hope all are well!  This is a friendly reminder that ALL 3 bands and percussionists for Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble have after school rehearsals for the Pops Concert next Monday, May 16th from 4-6 PM and next Thursday, May 19th from 4-6 PM.

With AP tests, EOC tests, On Demand Writing tests, Senior Shadowing, shows for the musical during the school day, underclassmen awards ceremonies, blood drives, etc. we have not had 1 rehearsal since before KMEA concert assessment in April where every student has been present.  We need EVERY student to be responsible and prepared for these after school rehearsals next week.  We are obviously playing a new set of music for the Pops concert next Friday, May 20th and are currently struggling to get prepared as we cover the same material every other day to accommodate the rotation of students in and out of the band room.

Thanks for your effort and work!  We are looking forward to a fun night next Friday at the Pops!  We want to be sure it is a GREAT experience for all!

Sincerely,  Bill Kite  Director of Bands  Henry Clay High School