Senior Slide Show


Parents of Graduating Seniors,
By April 30, please use the instructions below to send up to three photos of your students as youngsters for the Band Banquet’s Senior Slide Show. Examples include a baby picture and one or two as they grow older. We have copies of their senior photos to use; however, if you would like to send a different special senior photo, we will use that instead of the school’s senior photo.


  1. You may upload your photos (with first and last name of student as the name of the photo) to (Click the link and follow the instructions. This is the preferred method if you are able to do it.)
  2. Or email to with Senior Slide Show in the subject line and the first and last name of your student in the body of the email.
  3. Or, if you are unable to digitize your photos, please put them in an envelope addressed to Patsy Carruthers and drop them into the mailbox in the band room. Make sure the first and last name of your student is on the back of each photo. Photos will be brought to the Band Banquet for return.

The deadline for sending photos is April 30, but please send as soon as possible.
Thank you,
Patsy Carruthers