Band Banquet news

Dear Band Families,

On behalf of Amy Jennings and me, we are emailing everyone to let you know about a change around the Band Banquet for this year. After long decision and consideration we have made the decision not to have a potluck meal at the banquet this year. The reason around this decision is the number of guests that we are anticipating for this event. With the help of Amy Jennings, the Banquet Committee and I, the decision was made to have a dessert reception instead. The committee is asking everyone to bring a dessert to share with our band family and the boosters will provide tea and lemonade. The event will be held in the Henry Clay High School Cafeteria at 7:00 pm on May 9th.  Please understand we know the potluck meal has been a tradition since the early 90’s and some of us will miss that, however with the growing size of our band family the Committee and I felt like now would be a great time to make a change and try something new this year. The Committee and I by no means would take away from the event, it’s not about the food or the building; it’s about honoring our students, our seniors and our Band Family on a great year in 2016. We will still have our videos, Mr. Kite and Mr. Bayerle will review the past year, awards will be given out and as well as the PowerPoint presentation featuring each member of the graduating class. The Committee and I believe we still will have the time to talk, fellowship, and enjoy a wonderful evening that is meant for our students and our Band Family. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to Amy Jennings at or me at If you would like to talk with us, you can call Amy Jennings at 859-229-2153 or me at 859-361-0438.

On behalf of Amy Jennings and me we hope you enjoy the evening,

Tony Spencer/ Band Booster President

Amy Jennings/ Band Banquet Committee Chair Person