Invoices and Fees

Dear Band Family,  I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but we currently have $19,650.50 in unpaid band fees (including all band/percussion classes, marching band, steel band, jazz bands, etc.).  There are approximately 101 out of 190 families in the program who owe in some fashion.  Please understand that we won’t be able to provide quality experiences in the program with a lack of a financial commitment and will have to cut activities, etc. in the future.

Invoices were handed out today to go home so please review them carefully and let us know if there are any questions.

People who are going to Disney will receive additional communication in the near future and must understand that all students must be in good financial standing with the Henry Clay Band program in order to be eligible for that trip.

Thank you for your support of the Henry Clay Band Program!

Sincerely,  BILL KITE  DIRECTOR OF BANDS  HENRY CLAY HIGH SCHOOL  (859) 381-3441  Follow on Twitter @henryclayband
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