Revised Pit Crew Schedule

Thursday: I need about 4-5 parents to be at the school to set up the large bridges for the pack the parking lot performance.

Thursday night after rehearsal: Need 5-6 (freshman, sophomore & junior parents only) to help load the trailer for the Middle School tour on Friday, so senior parents can go on up to the band room and help set up for the surprise party.

Friday (during the day): I will need 5-6 parents to help with the loading and unloading of the instruments at the middle schools and afterwards back at the high school for rehearsal. Please refer to the itinerary Mr. Kite sent out on Monday for times to be at each of the middle schools, please try to be a little early to start unloading the truck as soon as it gets to each school.

Friday Evening after rehearsal: I need all available parents to be at the school by 5:30PM to help break down props and load both trucks.

Saturday Morning: Be at WKU by 7:00 AM (CST) to unload both trucks, this will give us an hour before the kids arrive to have everything unloaded and the bridges put together.

Saturday Evening: Anyone who can be at the school (what emails for estimated time back at the school) to help unload the trucks for the final time this season. I have a lot of equipment I need staged on the trailer to be picked up the following week .

Again, Thank You Cameron Beard Equipment Chair.