And we’re onto Semifinals!!

Dear Marching Band Family,

It was yet another challenging weather day and despite a few electronic difficulties, the HCMB performed a good show scoring a distinguished rating of 84.45 and finishing 8th in the class 5A East regional quarterfinal! The score and placement earned us a spot in the KMEA State Marching Band Championship Semifinal this upcoming Saturday in Bowling Green at Western Kentucky University’s Houchens Ind./L.T. Smith Stadium!! Congrats to the kids for their perseverance and work ethic and to our parents and students who completed 2 miles worth of a pit marathon last Saturday! We are very proud of the professionalism and spirit our organization has shown and now it is onto the exciting conclusion of yet another marching band season! Some of the judges noted the work of our organization and the wonderful support group following and cheering on the band!  Let’s make some noise on Saturday morning at WKU!  We have the unique honor and privilege of going on 1st in the semifinal and I can’t wait for the band to set the bar high for the rest of the field!

We have a BIG week of preparation to ensure success this weekend so please read the attached itinerary and note the details! The judges are now noting individuals both visually and musically so let’s recommit ourselves to each other this week and have perfect ATTENDANCE! That’s the key!

See the schedule for the week below:

Mon. (today) 10/26
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:02 PM

Tues. 10/27
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:02 PM

Wed. 10/28
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:02 PM

Thurs. 10/29
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:02 PM…load truck at end of rehearsal
PACK the Parking Lot!!

Fri. 10/30
Middle School performance tour…see itinerary…parents are welcome to attend, just please be sure there is enough room for the middle school students to sit at Morton MS and EJ Hayes MS.  Parents may need to stand.
Students will need money for lunch on their own at Fayette Mall Food Court on Friday.
We will have a short rehearsal when we return to HC that afternoon before traveling to E-town and then Cave City.

Sat. 10/31
KMEA SMBC Semifinal/Final!!  See itinerary.

I would encourage parents to come out to support the band all week at the end of rehearsals!  We can pack the lot each night if you are able to make it!

Thanks to all for your tremendous effort and work this season!  Let’s finish strong!

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