Bingo Needs

Good Afternoon,
We are still needing 2 students for tomorrow Saturday, October 24th.
Please remember that if you are unable to make it to bingo, it is your responsibility to find someone to substitute for you.  We are currently running on a shorter staff and need everyone to be there.

October 24th:
Students:  Sarah Ritter, Sheridan Wagner, Alyssa Duke, Ashleigh King, Julia D’Orazio, Elizabeth Piper, Logan Spencer, Antione Yongbang, Trey Duke
Parents: Sarah D’Orazio, Antionette Yongbang
Supervisors/Assistants: Jennifer Barricklow, Kristie Spencer, Thomas Bensberg, Sandra Palmer, Kimberly Collins

We still need  12 students and 2 parents to help next Saturday October 31st.  Please email me at and let me know if you are able to volunteer.
Thank you
Michelle Bensberg