Bingo Volunteers the next 2 weeks

Good Morning,
As the marching season is starting to wrap up, we still have 2 more weekends of bingo that need to be covered by non-marchers. I promise once these 2 weekends pass, the marchers have signed up for the rest of November.

We are needing 4 students and 2 parents for this Saturday, October 24th.

We currently only have 1 student signed up for October 31st. We need 10 more students and 2 parents for this day.

October 24th:
Students: Sarah Ritter, Sheridan Wagner, Alyssa Duke, Ashleigh King, Julia D’Orazio, Elizabeth Piper, Logan Spencer

Parents: Sarah D’Orazio

Supervisors/Assistants: Jennifer Barricklow, Kristie Spencer, Thomas Bensberg, Sandra Palmer, ?

Thank you
Michelle Bensberg