Butler and KMEA Quarterfinal Itinerary!

Dear Marching Band Family,

Congratulations on a great day on Saturday!  It was a fun competition and the hard work is showing up in each and every performance!  To recap events, the band was in 1st place leading the way after preliminary performance by 2 tenths of a point earning a later spot in the evening final!  The band had an energized performance that evening improving their overall score to 82.3 and was eventually named Reserve Grand Champion finishing in 2nd place approximately a half point behind Anderson County HS.  HC won best overall music and had distinguished scores resulting in being in 1st or 2nd place in every caption except visual effect in finals.  As we know, judges change captions between preliminary and finals competition and unfortunately, the difference was a different interpretation and decreased VE score from earlier in the day.  However, the students and band family should have renewed energy and confidence in our process as we move into the final weeks of the season!

There is still a good amount of work for us to do to present our highest quality and most professional program, but we are seeing tangible progress with every rehearsal.

I cannot stress the importance of ALL students remaining committed through the end of the season through hard work in each and every minute of rehearsal.  The difference in the top tiers in our state marching band circuit lie in the commitment levels of each band program.  The most successful programs have 100% of participating students attending all rehearsals, maintaining strong work ethic, and being disciplined in making the correct choices outside of rehearsals.

As I said to the band, “It’s ALL or NONE” and we need every member doing the “right thing” in the process to ensure success and become undeniable in all areas.

Please see the upcoming schedule below as we prepare next for the elimination rounds of the State Marching Band Championship:

Mon. 10/12 (today)
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Tues. 10/13
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:15 PM

Thurs. 10/15
MB Rehearsal 3:45-7:15 PM…Pack the Parking Lot!!

Fri. 10/16-Sat. 10/17
  OFF WEEKEND!  Rest, Relax, Enjoy 🙂

Next Week (KMEA Quarterfinal week *note rehearsal times)

Mon. 10/19
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:45 PM

Tues. 10/20
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:45 PM

Wed. 10/21

MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:45 PM

Thurs. 10/22
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:45 PM

Fri. 10/23
MB Rehearsal 3:45-6:45 PM

Sat. 10/24
KMEA Quarterfinal Day…see attached itinerary and review details carefully
*Note:  8 bands will be named from 5A East to continue the season as semifinalists the following weekend on 10/31 in Bowling Green, KY at WKU and 6 bands will be eliminated ending their season.  Please see the full 5A East Quarterfinal order listed below.*

Class AAAAA East, hosted at Tates Creek High School
Times are EDT, October 24, 2015
Performance Order        Times School Director
1 3:00 PM Dixie Heights HS Robb Duddey
2 3:15 PM Butler Traditional HS Marc Monroe
3 3:30 PM Atherton HS Matt Byrum
4 3:45 PM Madison Central HS Brent Barton
5 4:00 PM Woodford Co HS Michael Collins
6 4:15 PM Paul Laurence Dunbar HS Teresa Elliott
7 4:30 PM Henry Clay HS Bill Kite
8 5:00 PM Campbell Co HS Nick Little
9 5:15 PM Larry A. Ryle HS Bob Elliott
10 5:30 PM George Rogers Clark HS Michael Payne
11 5:45 PM Eastern HS Mike Arthur
12 6:00 PM Lafayette HS Chuck Smith
13 6:15 PM Tates Creek HS Aaron Cunningham
14 6:30 PM North Laurel HS Priscilla Wilkerson

Thanks to all for your work this season!  Let’s have a great final few weeks!


URL for Itinerary: https://henryclayband.files.wordpress.com/2015/10/10-24-15-kmea-quarterfinal-itinerary.pdf