Food for BOA Dayton contest – updated email

Dear Band Family,

Forgive me for sending this out again but my email account that was tied to this was hacked so I was not getting any emails from anyone.  Below is an updated list of the items needed.  If you responded to, I did not receive any of those emails. If you can respond to

Thank you
Kathy Bell

8 dz bagels
10 pks of “fully cooked”bacon
4 Boxes of pop tarts
5 boxes of granola bars
15 dz of individually wrapped packages of(donuts, Danish, honey buns ect..)
10 bunches of bananas
3 bags of apples
5 sm tubes of cream cheese(variety of flavors)

I will available to receive donations Tuesday, and Thursday after practice My Rav4 will be parked in front of the school in front of the band room entrance.