band directory – opt out

We are going to create a band directory. It will be displayed in the Members Only section of the website. Hopefully, you will find the directory useful for car-pooling for after-school rehearsals, contests and bingo, and for helping you to remember names of parents and students that you have met. This will include all band members, because as soon as marching season it over, other activities begin, including Steel Band and after-school rehearsals for the three concert bands. This directory is NOT to be used for business purposes or solicitations of any kind.

The following information will be included

  • Student’s name
  • Instrument
  • which concert band he/she participates in
  • whether or not they are a marcher
  • grade
  • street address and zip code
  • parents’ names
  • parents’ e-mail addresses
  • parents’ phone numbers

This will NOT include the student’s phone number or e-mail. The information will be pulled from the information that is loaded in Charms. If you receive the band e-mails now, then you’re in the system.

If you choose to not be included in the directory at all or if there is a particular piece of information you don’t want included (i.e. you don’t want your address included or one of the e-mail addresses), then send me an e-mail by this Friday, Oct. 2. Please contact me at if you have questions.

Sandra Palmer