Food for Dayton BOA contest

Hello Marching Band Family,

Thank you for all the generous donations that we received for the Ryle.
This week we will be traveling to Dayton for BOA.
We will be serving the kids breakfast at the church before going to the competition. Below is the list of items needed this week.

The list of needed items are:

  • 8 dz bagels
  • 10 pks of “fully cooked”bacon
  • 10 boxes of pop tarts
  • 5 boxes of granola bars
  • 15 dz of individually wrapped packages of(donuts, Danish, honey buns ect..)
  • 10 bunches of bananas
  • 3 bags of apples
  • 5 sm tubes of cream cheese(variety of flavors)

I will available to receive donations Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after practice   My Rav4 will be parked in fronton the school in front  of the band room entrance.
Thank you,
The Hospitality Team