Pit Crew Thanks and Plans

Dear Band Family,  I wanted to say “Thank You” to the parents for their hard work this weekend from the early morning practice setup to the late night unloading of the equipment. For many of you it was also your first band competition experience and I hope it was a good one.  The first show is the hardest since it’s the first time to load the truck(s) with the new props and extra instruments (basically get the square peg into the round hole scenario).  This weekend wouldn’t have worked out as well as it did without each of you there to help and I can’t say THANK YOU enough.

Again, Thanks you for everything and yes we can move bridges and just be glad they aren’t asking us to move mountains this year.

This week I would like those who can to be at the school on Wednesday to assemble the large bridges so the band will have all the props for the entire practice on Thursday. If you can be there please try to be there between 5:00 and 5:30 so we can try to have everything assembled by the time the band finishes rehearsal at 6:15.

Thursday we will need to be at the school no later the 6:00, I am going to “TRY” and work it out with the band directors to let us strip the practice field and set up just like we will have to for the BOA competition in Dayton in two weeks. This will depend on the band to whether or not we will be able to.

I will need a headcount of anyone who will be going to Dayton and plans on helping with pit crew, so please shoot Mr. Kite a quick email to let him know and be sure to copy me on the email as well. There will be a limited number of field passes and if you don’t let us know we can’t guarantee that you will be able to get on the field.

Cameron Beard  Equipment Chair.  cwbeard@ballhomes.com