Midnight Bingo update

Dear Band Family,

With long thought and talking with some of the Band Booster Board, I have made the decision to pull our midnight bingo program. I had a phone call today with the Department of Charitable Gaming and they have agreed to allow us to pull midnight bingo. I will be going over this in our board and booster meeting on Monday night. As you know the Boosters has committed $16,000.00 to the Disney trip. I know we were counting on midnight bingo to raise a large part of those funds, but with sadness I have to say that’s not going to happen now. We now must move forward with a plan B or have good dialog around what we need to do as a booster family to raise these funds that we are in need of. Please bring your thoughts any concerns you may have to the board meeting and Booster parent meeting on Monday night. I look forward seeing everyone at both meetings.

Have great day and ROLL BLUE BAND!!!!!!!
Tony Spencer/Band Booster President