Some button orders delayed

Marching Band Family,  Please accept my apologies, as I am not able to fill all of the button orders before Saturday.  I ordered more supplies, but didn’t realize how low we were, and the supplies won’t arrive until Monday.  I made all I could with what we had (in order of when orders were placed), but I am devastated that I cannot fill all the orders before the first competition.

I will email you privately if I have your order ready, and I will be at Pack the Parking lot tomorrow to distribute them.  If by some miracle the supplies arrive before the competition, I will finish assembling them and have them at the competition (I will send out another email if this happens).

Again, I apologize for the mistake, and I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to meet expectations.

You can contact me at 859-266-0004 or by replying to this email if needed.  Kimberly Collins