Hospitality Food Needs

Dear Band Members and Families,  It is competition time again! The hospitality team is very excited about the upcoming season.  We are so very proud of the students, directors and staff for all the time and effort they have given thus far. We have no doubt that the hard work will pay off and that amazing things will be accomplished this year!

For the new marchers and family members, the hospitality team is dedicated to feeding the students a variety of affordable, healthy meals and snacks during each competition. This year we are striving to provide a hot meal at each venue, per request of the students. We rely heavily on each and every family to donate food and/or beverage items for each competition because band fees do not cover these items and we have a very limited budget.You will see a few emails from the hospitality team the week before each competition. The first will be the initial needs for the following weekend. The second will be a list of the remaining items that have yet to be donated. We appreciate you assisting us in any way possible.

That being said, our first competition is next Saturday, Sept.19th, in Campbell Co. We will be serving one of the student’s favorite meals, walking taco bowls. The following is a list of all the items that are needed.
5 – bags of grapes
3 – bags of apples
3 – bags of baby carrots
2 – large bottles of Ranch dressing
8 dz. Bagels
5 – tubs of cream cheese
5 – large bags of shredded Cheddar cheese (GFS recommended)
4 – large bags of shredded lettuce (GFS recommended)
4 – large tubs of sour cream (GFS recommended)
15 dz. Sweets (cookies, brownies, danishes, etc)
15 dz. Individually wrapped snacks (Lil Debbies, cheese -n- crackers, granola bars, etc.)
20 – 12pks of canned soft drinks
15- 24pks of bottled water

Once you have decided what you would like to bring, please email Kathy Bell ASAP and let me know your choices. You can then drop your items off to me every days after practice . My Rav4 will be parked outside of the band room each night.  Thank you  The Hospitality Team