Concert wear–please return outgrown pieces by 9/14!

For those students who have outgrown pieces of concert wear, you will need to bring back the outgrown items so I can determine what we have and what I need to order. Please turn in concert wear by Monday, September 14th (either clean or not cleaned with payment, see below). I will be figuring out what to order on Tuesday, so if you have something you have not returned and I order those sizes, that will be wasting the band’s money.  If you do not have time to get to the cleaners, please turn in pieces with payment for cleaning (see below) plus a $5 convenience fee for the band.  I will take those items to the cleaners as a group.

We have a deal with Bluegrass Cleaners on Squires road (at Richmond Road)–full tux cleaning is $9 (pieces are $3.50 each), and dresses are $3.50.  Their sign says Newport Cleaners, but the business name has changed.  Please make sure you don’t leave your bow tie or cumberbund in the pockets, they may not notice them and they will get lost!  Gentlemen, please keep your bow tie and cumberbund.

If your item has not been cleaned, please do not turn it in without payment ($14 for tuxes, $8.50 for dresses, made to HCBB if a check, in an envelope clearly marked with your name and what it’s for).  If your item has been cleaned, keep it in the plastic so I can tell that’s it’s ready to be restocked.  Also, please make sure your cleaned or uncleaned items are clearly marked with your name!

Questions, please contact Kimberly Collins at 859-266-0004 (call or text) or by replying to