Final Seatback Installation Reminder

Exciting news: the final pre-season report from the seating company shows an additional 471 seatbacks have been purchased since Wednesday! That’s about 300 more seats than we expected, which translates to a few hundred more dollars than expected. If you are joining us for installation tonight, please remember:

  • bring a 9/16″ socket or wrench
  • wear close-toed shoes
  • park in the Green lot (north side of stadium)
  • enter at Gate 4 (northwest corner, closest to the hospital)
  • eat supper before you come

Rumor has it that the Wildcat Marching Band will be rehearsing on the field when we get there, so we hope to have a little entertainment and get to see some HC band alumni in action. We will have snacks and water as usual.

Thank you to everyone for doing their job tonight, whether that’s playing/cheering at the Homecoming football game or working at the stadium.

Go Blue Band!
Jennifer Barricklow and Tim Sorenson