Stadium Seatback Final Installation

Dear HC Band family,  Thank you to the 25 students and parents who came to the stadium last night! We installed the 400 seatbacks that had been ordered since the weekend and began installation in the sections that have been under construction. We will finish this Friday, beginning at 6:00. We’ll have about 600 seatbacks to install, which shouldn’t take long with the crew we expect to have.

Thank you for your patience through all these construction delays. The silver lining is that it has allowed us to install more seatbacks, which means more revenue for the band. And we have added to our high reputation with the stadium folks – the security guy told me last night that he is very impressed with how efficiently we work, and the event staff have thanked us repeatedly for hanging in there and not leaving them to finish this task on their own.

Go Blue Band! Jennifer Barricklow and Tim Sorenson